A little about Janell...

I was born in Redondo Beach, California and lived there most of my childhood. Enjoying the sunny weather and Southern California. 

When I turned 10 years old, I spent a summer on Santa Catalina Island at a fantastic camp learning sailing, waterskiing, canoeing and more. Loved it so much, I continued to go each summer for 14 years. Can you imagine a more idyllic childhood?

Then college came at San Diego State University with a created major of Commercial Recreation, Health Science and Child Development. I wanted to teach Outdoor Education and direct a Summer Camp. Which I was blessed to do both.

Then marriage and the arrival of two amazing children. Which returned me back to my creative roots. I was blessed to be born into a very creative family. My mom was a fantastic seamstress, my grandmother was talented in the needle arts, and my aunt shared with me her brilliance in painting, stamping and all types of crafting from an early age.

Jump ahead to the 90's, I was creating quilts, fabric, wood, and paper crafts to sell at Craft Faires and Craft Malls. Managing the Crafter's Mall in Roseville was a delight.

When the era of Craft Malls ended, I began to teach quilting and crafts to adults and children. I continued this instruction through to 2019.

Now since Covid has made personal instruction impossible, I am pivoting to online instruction (more on this later) and creating my own fabric designs through the art of surface pattern design on Adobe Illustrator that I have learned from Anne LaFollette's "From Doodles to Dollars" and "Surface Pattern Design Academy" courses. I recommend them. 

More often than not,

being brave means doing it scared.

Michael Hyatt

If you are using the new Clubhouse app, we would love for you to join us in "Simple Sewing & Quilting with Toni & Janell" club room on Mondays at 6pm PST/8pm CT.

Teaching quilting to adults and children is a passion of mine. The thrill when they discover the joy of making something wonderful from fabric, is the best.  

My dream as a quilter is to create my own fabric line. So turning my art into digital repeating patterns is my now my new passion and I am loving the process.