Interviewed by Anne LaFollette about Art, Surface Pattern Design, and Quilting

#create quilt pattern designs #doodles #free art course #repeating patterns #surface pattern design Apr 30, 2021

Have you ever heard of surface pattern design? I hadn't either until a year ago. Everything you wear or look at has a pattern on it. From rugs to mugs, there is a pattern. And a high demand for more pattern designers to create new designs. 

On April 16th, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Surface Pattern Design Instructor Anne LaFollette. I took her Free Mini Course called "From Doodles to Dollars" and then her paid signature course "Pattern Design Academy" in 2020. She taught me step by step how to take my art, my doodles, and make digital repeating patterns (using the magic of Adobe Illustrator) that can be put on fabric or tissue paper or backpacks or anything. All in the free course. What a fantastic skill! Then I learned advanced pattern techniques, marketing, and licensing in her paid signature course. I invite you to join us.

Anne teaches this whole basic method in her Free Mini Course and I invite you to learn how to also. Here is the link to check out the details. She offers this free "From Doodles to Dollars" in May and October.

I am an artist, quilter, painter, crafter, and now beginning my journey as a surface pattern designer. My dream is to create a collection of designs for a line of fabrics to quilt. I hope you enjoy this video of her interview of me and continue to follow my journey in this amazing new skill.

Create some fun everyday!