How to Shop for a New Sewing Machine

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Are you shopping for a new sewing machine for sewing or quilting?

How exciting and challenging? It should be fun, but there are so many brands to choose from. What model with what features should be considered? And then there is price - a full range. Where do you start? Let me share some advice and tips to help you make your selection with confidence.

1) What kind of sewing will you be doing?

Are you a sewist who mostly makes clothing, fabric crafts or doll clothes? Do you prefer to piece quilt tops? What about free motion quilting or machine embroidery? There are machines that are designed for each of these areas of sewing. Narrow down the selection by listing the features that you will use on a regular basis. This will help with cost as well.

2) What is your list of "gotta have" features?

Do you want a bobbin to be top loading or front loading? Do you like the automatic needle threader or thread cutter? What about the ability to add computer designs for embroidery? I love the needle up/needle down feature for pivoting around corners. Make a list of what is most important to you!

3) What is your budget for purchase?

It is important to pick a quality machine over all the extra "bells and whistles" features. If you are limited on what you can spend, buy the best one you can afford. A good well-built machine will serve you well over the long term. Don't worry about the extras.

4) Where is the best sewing machine shop near you?

Find a top-notch dealer. They will thoroughly know all the machines they provide and will help you with which models are best for your purpose and features you are looking for. They are also helpful with sales and bonuses currently going on in their shop plus classes to know your machine, warranties, and repair needs after purchase.  

5) How do you select which model or brand?

Take a test drive of all the models the sewing shop has available to purchase within your budget and list of features. Like a car, you won't know for sure until you try it. Ask them lots of questions.

6) Does your trusted sewing machine shop offer lessons?

Most sewing machine dealers offer free basic "get to know your machine" classes if you purchase from them. It is important to learn all the new features you've never used before. It will trigger exciting new possibilities for your future sewing and quilting projects. 

One last thought! If you have an old machine, it is easy to cast it aside or give it away. You may want to keep your old machine as a backup for when your new one needs servicing or repair. Plus, you never know if your friend or child will want to learn or sew with you.

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